Our Spa Music Service

Our unique music service, designed specifically for Spa treatments, is now available.

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Why use our Spa Music Service?

Create a unique customer experience for customers to keep coming back 

Reduce costs and build a new revenue stream with Myndstream Spa treatments

Easy to use and compliant with access via a login to our unique playlists. 

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Premium, bespoke service for partners

Build a unique offering by working with us to expand the audio experience across your business 

We can create bespoke music for your business, leveraging our full stack music service and publishing arm to exploit and monetise together

Create a unique sound for your spa or hotel with Sonic Branding

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More about our Spa Music

Playlists for your treatments created through research with spa therapists. Offer the customer choice of music for their treatment, in the same way they have a choice of an oil, or strength of massage. This might be energising, relaxing, calming, or meditative.

We have some of the leading musicians in the world within our catalogues of music, such as Liquid Mind, 2002, Kevin Kern, Bernward Koch, and Peter Kater.

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How do I get involved?

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Our new Spa Music Service is now available.

Work with us if you want to evolve your audio experience further, with over 20 years experience in the music industry and access to some leading musicians in the health and wellbeing space. Together we can create unique audio experiences for your business.

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