Composer and producer Anastasi knew at an early age that his love of music would play an important role in his life. After years of learning to play a variety of instruments, he went on to study music and eastern philosophy in college, where he began to experiment with sounds that are conducive to relaxation and concentration. To support himself, he played in several rock and jazz bands, and in 1978, landed a back-up guitarist gig for the Beach Boys on their “Almost Summer Tour.” Later, he and Donna O’Sullivan formed a production company called Metromusic in Mill Valley, California, which went on to produce award-winning music for commercials and film. He also created The Classical Child Series, a whimsical reinterpretation of traditional classical melodies, inspired by the desire to expose his newborn daughter to the world of classical music.

The Nature’s Classics Series that Anastasi recorded for Real Music is a collection of popular classical pieces creatively combined with sounds of nature. They include Country Morning, Country Evening, and The Pachelbel Canon with Ocean Sounds. The latter, having sold over 300,000 copies, proved to be an immense success.


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