Timbaland x Myndstream

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A New Era of Wellness Music

We are excited to announce our new partnership with Timbaland, the Multi-Platinum, Grammy Award-Winning Super-Producer, Artist, Author and Entrepreneur to create a new slate of wellness music projects. Inspired by his own transformative wellness journey, Timbaland shares in our belief that music can be a powerful tool for health and wellbeing. He has experienced firsthand, the profound impact it can have on body and mind. This innovative collaboration is all about tapping into the universal language of music to have a positive impact on the wellbeing of people around the world.

Tune into the ‘Global Wellness Conversations’ podcast where our founder, Freddie Moross, interviews Timbaland on his wellness journey and the power of music for health and wellbeing outcomes.

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Timbaland x Myndstream

Through this music project we will combine the power of music with the principles of wellness to create a unique and transformative experience. We’ll be exploring how different frequencies and tones can affect you physically and mentally, understanding their role in changing your perspective and attitude. The goal is to create music that genuinely makes a difference. We look forward to introducing this innovative project to The Stream in 2024.

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