The Science

Learn more about the intersection between art and science.

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Our mission

Release the power of music and unwind your mind. We work with world leading musicians, scientists and wellness practitioners to understand the effect music has on us. This enables us to create music that has the maximum impact on the listener, whether that be to improve mood, boost productivity, or promote relaxation. 

The science of sound

Music is both powerful and mysterious. It can shift how we feel, our state of mind and physiology. Studies have shown that music has the ability to reduce cortisol levels, decrease heart rate and bring down blood pressure (Source). In a world where stress is one of the major factors affecting our health (Source), understanding how we can release the power of music to unwind our minds is more important than ever.

The art of sound

But not all wellness music is created equal. Studies have shown that tempo, mode and percussiveness interact in a complex manner to re-tune emotion (Source). The top wellness musicians we work with are focused on mastering and releasing the benefit of these interactions in their musical compositions so that we can deliver real health outcomes.

The symbiosis of Art & Science

We’re on a mission to go deeper, commissioning both scientific studies and new musical compositions. We want to understand how these spheres can inform and support each other to result in more effective health and wellness outcomes for everyone.

Studies that inspire us