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The secret sauce in multisensory treatments

Scientific research is starting to evidence the powerful mental and physiological effect music can have within a wellness context. Studies have shown that music has the ability to reduce cortisol levels, decrease heart rate and bring down blood pressure (source), yet it is often under underutilised as a therapeutic tool and as a key component in developing impactful multisensory treatments. At Myndstream, we are on a mission to release the power of music to help therapists enhance their treatments and transform the client experience.


Music designed to improve health & wellbeing

We work with world leading musicians, scientists and wellness practitioners to understand the effect music has on us, so that the music we create has the maximum impact on the listener. Our team of experts have curated 80+ playlists, enabling you to set the mood of the room or pair the music to the desired treatment outcome, at the touch of a button. By starting with the desired outcome, you can build an entire multisensory experience around that, by layering in scent and touch.

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Relax (10m)

3 Tracks 00hr:10min:06sec
  • Title
  • 1 Soft Drizzle
    Soft Drizzle
  • 2 Star Birth
    Star Birth
  • 3 Upstream

How to boost revenue with multisensory treatments

To differentiate your treatments and increase revenue per service, simply follow the steps below. 

We recommend pricing it at between $5-$15.

  1. Ask your clients choose their desired treatment outcome from  relax, awaken, recover, calm and experiential, and start the playlist
  2. Match the outcome to an aromatherapy scent, or ask your client to choose their preferred scent from some samples
  3. Your client is immersed into the bespoke pairing of sound and scent while enjoying the touch of the treatment
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