Inspiration on how to elevate your space and treatments with The Stream, creating unforgettable immersive experiences

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Elevate your space                         Enhance your treatments                         Multi-modality experiences

Elevate your space

First impressions set the tone for the entire experience. There’s nothing quite like walking into a space that immediately envelops the senses, relaxes the body, and quiets the mind. Music is one of the most powerful tools you have in creating an atmosphere that transform a simple spa visit into an unforgettable experience.

Matching tone to zone

The question we get asked most at Mnydstream is “how do I choose the right music for my space” and our start point is always the same. It’s important to first consider what kind of feeling do you want to evoke? Once you know that, let the tempo be your guide. Soothing melodies at 60-80 beats per minute can help lower your heart rate, perfect for treatment zones and relaxation areas whereas upbeat tempos around 90-120 can energize and uplift pre-treatment waiting areas, creating a more vibrant atmosphere. Finally, layer in your preferred genres to create the perfect soundscape for your spa and clients.

Experience deep relaxation with this calming blend of folk, and acoustic music, designed to create the perfect welcome atmosphere.
BPM: 50 – 120
Best for: Reception

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This all day soundscape spans a range of genre’s from LoFi to Newage. It has been designed to peel away the day’s stress and boost mood, as it balances energy throughout the day.
BPM: 45 -160
Best for: Communal zones

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This soft electronic soundscape is designed to be uplifting, inspiring a journey from relaxation to re-energizing. ———————————————————-
BPM: 70 – 90
Best for: Post treatment zones

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Featuring piano, light percussion, synth and chill beats, this soundscape is both relaxing and reinvigorating. —————————————————————————————
BPM: 40 – 100
Best for: Reception and communal zones

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We’ve partnered with Kohler to curate this soundscape of LoFi chill beats to inspire, unwind, and elevate any space. ———————————————————-
BPM: 60 – 120
Best for: Communal zones

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Transform your treatments

The true magic of The Stream lies in the ability to personalize the music to your treatment or client goals. With 78% of consumers saying they’re more likely to recommend brands that personalize (source), how you tailor your music to your client could be a big revenue driver for your business. Our soundscapes, curated by mood and duration enable you to match the music to your clients needs at the touch of a button. Feeling creative? then why not create your own signature soundtrack from our vast catalog of music.

Experience deep relaxation with this calming blend of New Age, Folk, and Orchestral music, designed to bring your heart rate down and relax both both and mind.
BPM: 40 – 110
Best for: Tension reducing treatments such as deep tissue and Swedish massage

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This blend of classical piano and new age music is designed to help you drift off to a place of introspection where to you are held in that sweet spot just before sleep. ———————————————————-
BPM: 50 – 100
Best for: Relaxation massages and facials as well as sleep enhancing treatments

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This meditative blend of soothing synths and calming piano melodies melt away stress, leaving you feeling centered and deeply relaxed.
BPM: 60 – 120
Best for: Hot stone massages, Vibroacoustic therapies and relaxation based treatments

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Immerse yourself in the tranquility of nature, one soothing sound at a time. Reconnect with your senses and rediscover relaxation in its purest form.
BPM: 60 – 80
Best for: Stress reduction and relaxation such as aromatherapy & ayurveda treatments

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We’ve partnered with revolutionary skincare brand Circadia to create a a sonic dreamscape that immerses you in nature, rejuvenating the body, mind, and spirit. ———————————————————-
BPM: 60 – 80
Best for: Deep relaxation, stress reduction and sleep enhancement

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Multi-modality experiences

Our goal at Myndstream is to help you create spa experiences that stay with your guests long after they leave, experiences they can’t wait to tell their friends about. We’ve partnered with industry leaders to combine our soundscapes with other modalities to create unique multi-sensory experiences that go beyond physical relaxation.

The power of muti-sensory

Multi-sensory experiences engage two or more senses simultaneously, triggering the parasympathetic nervous system – your body’s “rest and digest” state. This translates to scientifically proven benefits like lower heart rate, reduced blood pressure, and a deeper sense of calm and relaxation. We’ve put the science at the heart of the experiences we have created.

Aromatherapy with Sprig

Increase average treatment spend between $5-$15 by offering customer a personalized music + scent treatment plan. We have partnered with Sprig to create music that enhances the mood boosting impact of their 6 signature blends. Each soundscape was inspired by the origin story and quality of Sprig’s ingredients and is designed to transport the listener to the heart of each fragrance, immersing the senses and creating a truly relaxing, multisensory experience.

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Vibroacoustic therapy with Oakworks

We’ve partnered with Oakworks to create 3 custom curated soundscapes designed to compliment the most popular use cases for their new SoVi Vibroacoustic bed. Help your clients boost performance recovery, improve sleep or simply relax and recharge body and mind with the the healing vibrations of the bed powered by Myndstream’s soundscapes. This can be offered pre or post treatment as a bolt on service, adding an additional revenue stream to your business.

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Salt therapy with SALT Chamber Inc

Elevate your clients’ SALT therapy experience with multi Grammy winner Peter Kater’s new breathwork series. This immersive package stimulates sight, sound, and smell, promoting deeper relaxation, stress reduction, and enhanced respiratory benefits. Seamlessly integrate it for an additional $5-$15 per client and create a truly holistic wellness offering that delivers additional revenue.

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