Release the Power of a good night’s sleep

How to differentiate your spa with sleep enhancing treatments

Offering specialised sleep-focused packages and training therapists on sleep supporting techniques can boost brand value and attract premium clients willing to invest in their sleep health. By monitoring your clients sleep hygiene practices over time you can help them work towards optimising overall sleep quality, ensuring they return for continued sleep support and other therapeutic experiences.

Extend the treatment beyond the spa

Having a consistent bedtime routine is a key factor in achieving a good night’s sleep and music can play a key role in this. We’ve partnered with SleepScore Labs to run a study on the efficacy of our new “Fast Asleep, Powered by Myndstream” album which revealed very exciting results;

  • A 15% decrease in time spent awake at night
  • Participants added up to over 2.5 hours more deep sleep per month  on average (7% increase) 
  • Participants reported a 23% increase in feeling well-rested in the morning

By sharing this music with your clients you can extend the treatment beyond the treatment room,  positively impact their bedtime routine and overall sleep quality. 

Paint your spa with music & leave a lasting impression

The Stream, the world’s first streaming service for spas, is home to over 80 playlists from award-winning, well-being artists. All playlists are categorized by mood and duration, enabling therapists to develop immersive, multi-sensory treatments and keep track of appointment time. It is cost-effective and fully licensed for business use globally.

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