Buedi Siebert


Classically trained composer, performer, flutiest, and multi-instrumentalist Buedi Siebert could be called a “musician without borders”; he collects and plays instruments from all over the world with a global consciousness and vision.

A native of Germany, Siebert has been composing and performing for more than twenty years. In addition to recording his own CDs, he composes music for film and theater and produces albums for other musicians. A flamboyant performer, Siebert has toured in concert throughout Europe, the United States (including a performance at Carnegie Hall), Africa, and as a touring member of Andreas Vollenweider and Friends.

In the late 1980s, Siebert met and became a student of the renowned medicine man Sun Bear. During meditative journeys at the ancient Egyptian pyramids, he had the unique opportunity to make recordings in the Cheops pyramid. Profoundly changed by his experiences, he moved to the Black Forest in Germany, where he continues to reside, and began focusing on projects dedicated to benefiting the earth and humankind.

Real Music has released three of Siebert’s recordings — “Om Mani Padme Hum”, “The Light Dance”, and “Wave Hands Like Clouds” each composed to help listeners come into balance and harmony. Just as we can experience a river as flowing naturally with a carefree air, so it can be with the human spirit.

Siebert believes that music is one of life’s greatest gifts, and that a composer carries a profound responsibility to give everything and receive even more in return. Siebert expresses his gratitude as he says, “I thank all of the energies that flowed with me into the creation of this music, as they strengthened it in high measure. I stand before you truly astonished at the beauty that has been created.”


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