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Sacred Earth is the creation of Jethro and Prem Williams, who live in Victoria, Australia, and travel the world performing their music. Prem shares her heartfelt devotion for Spirit and our precious Mother Earth through mantra and songs from the heart, accompanied by her husband Jethro, who plays an array of instruments from around the world. Jethro and Prem blend their experiences of yoga, meditation, natural healing, voice, love of Earth and instruments from around the world, giving birth to the music they call Sacred Earth.

They have spoke of their travels of the world with intent to connect people to their own inner peace and knowing through their music. They seek to empower the listener by providing a sacred space in which they can deeply connect to their own heart and cultivate a deeper respect for themselves and Mother Earth.

Jethro of Sacred Earth studied Chinese massage therapy, Chinese medicine, martial arts & shiatsu before, in 2000, he had a profound experience of deep inner peace at his first 10-day silent meditation retreat. His desire to share this experience with others led him down a serendipitous path that included learning to play flutes, touring with the group Spirit Dance and, along with Prem, training to become a yoga instructor.

Prem spent many years in the folk festival scene, drum and guitar in hand, having a lot of fun but lacking a sense of fulfilment. Eventually, Prem was introduced to mantra (devotional singing) and found that she could also express the multitude of human emotions through ancient languages such as Hebrew and Sanskrit. She now blends these ancient languages with the language of her own heart, which gives her the sense of purpose she felt was lacking. When Prem sings, it is not unusual for the listener to be reduced to tears or connected to a deep stillness within. Prem is also the primary composer, as “songs just seem to come from the ether.”


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