Release the Power of Music + Scent

Multisensory Experiences

Multisensory experiences engage two or more senses at the same time, triggering the “rest and digest” response of the autonomic nervous system. This allows you to relax, de-stress, and heal on a deeper level. Music and scent are two powerful forces to bring together in a wellness setting. With music’s power to shape the mood of a room, shift a state of mind and even alter our physiology and scent’s ability to trigger the part of the brain responsible for memories and emotion, you will create a lasting imprint of the relaxation experience that can be sure to have your clients coming back for more.

The Future of Sound

At Myndstream we work with world-leading musicians, scientists, and wellness practitioners to understand the effect music has on us, so that the music we create has the maximum impact on the listener, whether that be to improve mood, boost productivity, or promote relaxation. We offer a range of products and services, from bespoke music creation and curation services, designed to help you create unforgettable and immersive experiences, to an online music streaming platform for spas that enables therapists to offer personalized multisensory experiences.

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Step into Sprig

Sprig creates mood-matching scent therapy experiences to enhance your moments throughout the day. So whether you’re ramping up in the morning, resetting in the afternoon, or winding down in the evening, Sprig has clean, natural, and hypoallergenic scents to meet you where you are.

Sprig is offering a 15% discount to all Myndstream customers with the code MYND15. Shop now and experience the power of multisensory aromatherapy.

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Myndstream x Sprig 

We have partnered with Sprig to create music that enhances the mood boosting impact of their 6 signature blends. We have designed a sonic motif for each scent, inspired by the origin story and quality of Sprig’s ingredients. These unique soundtracks transport the listener to the heart of each fragrance, immerses the senses and creates a truly relaxing, multisensory experience.

To hear a sample of the music, hit play below.