Release the power of Music + SALT + Breathwork

A sensory immersion set to elevate your wellness experience to new heights

Multi-Grammy Award-Winning artist, Peter Kater’s new breathwork series now available on The Stream.

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Music + SALT + Breathwork

Music is powerful. Press play and it can shape a space, shift a state of mind, and change our physiology. Salt therapy, known for its respiratory, skin, immune, and mental health benefits, adds another layer of well-being. But the true magic happens when you combine them with intentional breathwork. Deep, mindful breaths are a powerful tool for relaxation, focus, and stress reduction. This trio creates a sensory immersion unlike any other, promoting physical and mental wellness on a holistic level. Perfect for those seeking a complete approach to health and well-being.

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The Future of Sound

We work with world-leading musicians, scientists, and wellness practitioners to understand the effect music has on us, so that the music we create has the maximum impact on the listener, whether that be to improve mood, boost productivity, or promote relaxation. We offer a range of products and services, from The Stream (our spa music streaming service) to bespoke music creation and curation services, designed to meet the brief of a specific space or brand.

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The Stream

The world’s first music streaming service for spas, is home to over 60 soundscapes from award-winning well-being artists. All playlists are categorized by mood and duration, enabling therapists to develop immersive, multi-sensory treatments and keep track of appointment time. It is cost-effective and fully licensed for business use globally. 

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The power of multisensory

Elevate your clients’ SALT therapy experience with a transformative multisensory approach. Partnering with SALT Chamber, we have just launched Peter Kater’s new breathwork series, available in guided and self guided versions on The Stream, as well as the exclusive SALT Chamber self guided playlists. This immersive package stimulates sight, sound, and smell, promoting deeper relaxation, stress reduction, and enhanced respiratory benefits. Seamlessly integrate it for ad additional $5-$15 per client and create a truly holistic wellness offering that adds additional revenue to your business.

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