Myndstream Music Spa Service

Myndstream has partnered with Universal Companies to deliver you a unique music proposition for your Spa business.

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With an extension roster of award-winning health and wellbeing musicians, the Myndstream Spa Music Service provides an amazing opportunity to elevate the audio experience of treatments. 

Our service aims to provide a better customer experience, ultimately driving more revenue at a lower cost.

Understand more about how our service compares to Spotify for business. A simple price comparison of their Essential package for a single location Spa business would show that the annual costs would be approximately $500 vs our $250. We are also able to offer unlimited logins for your location.

The audio sounds within a Spa environment are critical for improving the customer experience of your treatment, to help differentiate your service and to support you in creating a successful Spa business.

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Our Core Services

Our playlists have been uniquely designed for the Spa environment, by our award-winning wellbeing musicians. We have an annual subscription of $250 (plus $150 per additional Spa location) to provide an unlimited number of therapists per location with the option to select playlists for their treatments. 

Essential Unlimited

We have created a cost-effective subscription service for your Spa, where you can select playlists for your treatments and elevate the audio experience for your customers. Be safe in the knowledge that your music is compliant for business use and give your individual therapists the freedom to select music to enhance their service.

  • Fully Compliant for Business Use Fully Compliant for Business Use
  • Over 50 Playlists Uniquely Designed for Spa Treatments Over 50 Playlists Uniquely Designed for Spa Treatments
  • Music Created by Critically Acclaimed Wellbeing Musicians Music Created by Critically Acclaimed Wellbeing Musicians
  • Unlimited Logins for Your Therapists Unlimited Logins for Your Therapists
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Premium Options

In addition to the Essential Unlimited subscription, we offer a bespoke solution for luxury spas and salons, all of which is priced upon request. Speak to one of our team to discuss what might be valuable for your Spa Business.

  • Assisted Onboarding of our Service Assisted Onboarding of our Service
  • Audio Audit of your Spa Business Audio Audit of your Spa Business
  • Priority Support Priority Support
  • Billing Options Billing Options
  • Full Audit of Music in Your Business Full Audit of Music in Your Business
  • Bespoke Playlists for your Brand Bespoke Playlists for your Brand
  • Unique Music Creation for Exploitation Across our Channels Unique Music Creation for Exploitation Across our Channels
  • Sonic Branding Sonic Branding
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Increase Your Average Spend per Customer

Upsell your customers to the “Myndstream” experience, where you can provide an elevated audio experience for your customers with their treatment.

As part of the Essential Unlimited subscription, you can take a low touch approach to how you use the Myndstream Spa Music Service.

Myndstream Music Everywhere

  • Enjoying all the cost and quality perks of the Spa Music Service subscription and choosing how involved your therapists are in the music selection process.
  • You can pick whether to play a single playlist throughout your spa or different playlists in different treatment rooms!

Myndstream Spa Music Service Upsell

  • Leverage the quality and range of choice that Myndstream’s Spa Music Service offers by upselling the audio experience to your spa guests.
  • Guests guide the music selection with therapists who can use our smooth and intuitive player interface to match an appropriate playlist to the client’s preferences.

Bespoke Myndstream Spa Music Service Experiences

  • Myndstream will use its rich experience in intentional audio programming to create or curate a highly bespoke soundtrack that is aligned with your spa’s values.
  • These playlists can be co-branded for delivery across all major streaming platforms and programmed within your Spa environment through Myndstream’s Spa Music Service.
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More about the Myndstream Spa Music Service

How do I access the music service?

Once you have signed up to our service, you will be given a login to our unique Spa Music Service website. You can also set up multiple logins per location for each of your therapists.

Do I need WIFI to play the music?

Yes, currently our service is a streaming platform so you need WIFI in your treatment room and a device to play the playlists.

What sort of music is available?

We have designed our website to make it as easy as possible to access our playlists and change the music for different customers or treatments, as you wish. They are categorised into distinct types of music for different experiences, such as to calm, relax, or recover, and then into distinct playlists to define the specific mood and type of music. These are all created by our range of award-winning musical artists and curated with feedback from Spas operating the service.

What does the M mean in the circle on the playlists?

M is the monogram of Myndstream and when it is presented in a circle, it means the music has been developed with feedback from its audience and designed for a specific purpose or environment. 

How long are the playlists?

We have created 45 minute, 60 minute, 90 minute and 120 minute playlists, to suit different treatment lengths, with the option to keep playlists on loop as well.

What if I don’t like a particular song in a playlist?

We are constantly adding to our service and will be frequently asking for your feedback on the playlists you like and dislike most. Simply get in touch with Myndstream to let us know, or use our feedback forms to tell us your thoughts on the service to inform our constant development.

If I run a Spa with 10 treatment rooms, what is the total cost?

Unlike some other music services, your one-off annual fee of $250 for your single location enables you to give each individual therapist access to the service so they can select music for their customers or by treatment type. We do not charge by “zone” or “login”, so this enables you to elevate your audio experience for customers at a very cost-effective rate.

I have 3 Spas based across the US, what is the total cost?

We charge an annual fee for access to the Spa Music Service, 1 at $250. This is based on unlimited logins for a single physical location. There is an additional $150 per year charged for additional locations, so your total annual cost would be $550. This gives you unlimited logins across all your locations.

What if I have more questions about how it works or problems with the service?

Find out more about technical requirements, how the service works or get help by visiting our knowledge base.


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What if I am interested in the Premium services?

Contact us here and our team will be in touch to discuss with you further.