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With The Stream, the world’s first music streaming service for spas.

Enhance your treatment, transform their experience.


The sound of the future

Music is powerful. Hit play and music can change how we feel, shift our state of mind, and change our physiology.

Science is starting to evidence the impact music can have within a wellness context – Recent studies have in fact proven music’s ability to lower heart rate, decrease blood pressure and reduce stress (source).

However, music is often under utilised as a therapeutic tool in wellness settings. We are on a mission to change that with music designed to deliver health and well-being outcomes, that enhance treatments and transform the client experience.

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Quality curated

We work with world leading musicians, scientists and wellness practitioners to understand how music affects how we feel. This allows us to create music that has the maximum impact on the listener, whether that be to improve mood, boost productivity, or promote relaxation. 

The Stream is home to over 80 soundscapes from award-winning, well-being artists. All playlists are categorized by mood and duration, enabling therapists to develop immersive, multi-sensory treatments at the touch of a button. It is cost-effective and fully licensed for business use globally.

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Match tone to zone

The Stream Unlimited subscription gives you the ability to play different music across multiple zones and locations at an affordable monthly price. This has the potential to save you thousands in licensing fees every year.

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Music licensing covered

Rest easy knowing that we take care of all music licensing for global business use. Artists are fully paid for their work so that they can keep creating great quality music. Plus no risk of scary fines to stop the flow.  

And by cutting out the middle man, the bigger your business, the bigger the saving opportunity. 


Exclusive offer

Increase revenue with a new multisensory treatment

Differentiate your treatments and increase revenue per service with the following offer. We recommend pricing it at between $5-$15.

1. Your clients choose their personalized treatment plan from a rainbow of sensory cards

2. The therapist reveals the playlist and matched aromatherapy

3. Your client is immersed into the bespoke pairing of sound and scent while enjoying the treatment

Download the customizable cards (to match your aromatherapy selection) and marketing collateral from the Universal Companies website here.

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