Spa music: How Can Music Create an Immersive Experience for Your Spa Customers?


Music can make or break a spa treatment. The wrong kind of music can negatively impact the customer’s experience, while the right type of music, to suit the preferred mood, can create a fully immersive treatment to ensure customers keep coming back.

So what spa music can really elevate the customer’s experience, and why is music so important in spa treatments?

How can music for spas improve the customer experience?

Creating a playlist for each spa treatment that fits the length of the treatment and supports the preferred mood can truly transform the circumstances for your customers. 

Different music can create different atmospheres in a spa, and this can alter the customer experience. For example, peaceful music may create a soothing, relaxing ambience, while upbeat music may create a more energising and invigorating atmosphere, depending on what you want to achieve in your spa environment.

Ultimately, the right music can help create the desired mood for a particular spa, and this can play a role in enhancing the sentiment your customer takes away with them after the treatment. 

High-quality audio can also make the treatment more immersive and engaging. Thus, music can play an important role in enhancing the customer journey for your spa.

Offering a choice of spa music as part of the service also gives clients the power to personalise their treatment in line with how they can best relax and alleviate stress.


Highest Quality Music Programme 

We have spent time with a range of spa owners, individual therapists and bigger spa groups to find out what music would be best suited to spas.  We will continue to test our playlists and update our spa music to continually improve our service from the feedback we receive from customers. 


We believe music can transform the experience customers have at your spa, so we wanted to create an affordable solution that really can make a difference.  

Compared to other services, we charge a simple one-off annual fee. The subscription enables individual therapists to select the best music for their treatments and gives customers the ability to lean into a more mindful, relaxed state with the right music.


Avoid wasting time trying to find the right type of music for your treatment and instead, simply login to the Myndstream Spa Music Service and access ready-made playlists. 

Offer the customer a choice of music and then press play. We have made it super easy for individual therapists to access the service and create the best ambience for every treatment.


There is no need to worry about licensing issues. Our Spa Music Service is fully compliant, so you can play the music that’s best for you and your customers without worrying about whether you have the right licences.

What is unique about the Myndstream Spa Music Service?

Elevate your audio experience.

With bespoke playlists for different spa treatment types and durations, the customer can create their own ideal listening experience.


We help to provide a more impactful environment for spas to improve repeat business. We don’t charge for each therapist, or zones like other providers, so for a simple annual subscription, you can give customers a choice of music, designed specifically for the length and type of treatment. 

Easy to use.

Link to the spa service from a single login, with access to the playlists. No need to worry about being compliant, as all the correct licensing is already in place.

How Myndstream can create a unique experience for your spa business

Build a unique offering.

By working with us to expand the audio experience across your business, you can use music to differentiate your brand. 

Unique playlists or music.

We can even create music for you to align specifically with your business, leveraging our full-stack music service and publishing arm to truly personalise your spa soundtrack.

Sonic Branding.

Our sonic branding offering creates a unique sound for your spa or hotel.

More about our Spa Music

Through extensive research, we have created a range of playlists for different types of spa treatments. 

For example, when someone is offered the choice of oil, or strength of massage, why not also offer them some music to accompany the way they want to feel during their treatment? This might be energising, relaxed, calm, or meditative. This will enhance the customer’s experience while giving them free choice to relax in a way that is completely personal and unique to them.

Leading musicians in health and wellbeing.

We have some of the leading musicians in the world within our catalogues of music, such as Liquid Mind. 2002, Kevin Kern, Bernward Koch, Peter Kater.

How to access the service?

Sign up here to be the first group of spas to have access to the Spa Music Service.

  1. Once you have signed up, you’ll get access to our easy to use web portal.
  2. We’ll check in with you and how your experience of the music is enhancing your service and continue to develop our music based on feedback.
  3. Work with us if you want to evolve your audio experience further.  With over 20 year experience in the music industry and access to some leading musicians in the health and wellbeing space, we can create unique audio experiences for your business.

Myndstream Spa Service vs Spotify SoundTrack Your Brand 

Myndstream lowers the barrier for spas and other wellness companies to access high-quality relaxing spa music for their wellness business. 

Myndstream’s relaxing spa music service is designed specifically for the spa treatment market, whether it’s at a spa hotel, dedicated spa, small salon or “at home” service. Likewise, whether your customers prefer sleep music for that drifting-away feeling, meditation music, nature sounds, calm, spiritual music, or something entirely different, our music selection is built for the spa environment. Our service provides an easy and cost-effective way to elevate the audio experience within these wellbeing environments and create a truly immersive audio backdrop. 

Spotify’s business proposition is described as “background music for business”. Music for your business is more than just “background music”. It needs to be carefully curated and created to influence the mood or experience and this is particularly true when creating an experience for customers.

Imagine not being able to select the style of massage or preferred smell at a spa; it would just never happen. Music affects the overall experience in such a significant way but is not always given as a choice to the customer. 

Spotify’s business product utilises existing playlists and you can search by mood, in a similar way to Spotify itself. While you still have access to 58 million songs, the playlists have not been researched in the same way as Myndstream, which is designed for the spa environment and researched to support specific moods. 

There is also an element of scheduling to make it easier to use, an explicit lyrics filter and business owners can utilise the app on their phone to adjust the music.

Sound Track Your Brand cost comparison

You will have the reassurance that by paying at least £35 a month, you will have a licence to play music on your business premises. However, if you want each of your spa treatment therapists to independently offer a music selection to their customers, it will get very expensive as these will be classified as separate “zones”. 

This is where Myndstream offers a cost-effective solution by providing a single subscription fee for the service, for use of the music service across your spa business, empowering your spa therapists to use different music for different treatments, without any additional charges.

In summary

Spa music is a critical component in creating a truly immersive experience for spa customers. Myndstream has created a specific music service for spas, based on research in the market, that provides a cost-effective solution to providing this immersive experience.  With just a simple one-off subscription fee and no extra charges for different rooms or zones within each location, it is an amazingly cost-effective and easy way to enable customers to choose music to suit their treatment.