Myndstream Spa Music Service Available Now

Myndstream’s Spa Music Service is a unique solution that allows spas to improve their audio experience. 

Myndstream provides this service to therapeutic and wellness settings. Audio programming can be extremely effective in supporting specific mood-based outcomes and enhancing the customer experience of their treatment.  We have extensive knowledge of what works (and what doesn’t) in spa settings through continuous feedback from the community. 

“According to the British Academy of Sound Therapy, 90% of people already use music to help them relax. Researched audio programming can therefore help achieve certain moods within the luxury spa environment.”

Why Use Myndstream Spa Music Service

Music that is fit for purpose has the capability to increase the time customers spend in the spa environment, thereby increasing revenue per customer.  Elevating the audio experience of your Spa can really help drive customer retention and satisfaction. 

Why buy?


Our highly competitive prices allow you to put what you save on expensive licences towards high-quality, bespoke experiences to elevate the audio environment in your spa. 

“Music can lower the production of cortisol, the stress hormone, thereby promoting relaxation and a better spa experience. A different study found that playing relaxing music in a retail environment increased sales by 32%.”

Myndstream’s Spa Music Service is preloaded with fully and correctly licensed content allowing users to circumvent the need for expensive performance licences.

  • In the US, performance licenses are payable to ASCAP or BMI, in the UK to PRS. These can be $500-$800 per location.
  • Our fully and correctly licensed content enables individual therapists to select music without extra charges.

Per location pricing means no stress about how many zones or therapists require music – it’s all included! 



Our Spa Music Service is preloaded with a large volume of playlists designed specifically for the spa environment, that span multiple genres and mood-based outcomes, providing a wide range of music to your customers.

  • Playlists are created for different treatments lengths and types making it easier for therapists to enhance the spa experience through intentional audio programming. 
  • Playlists span multiple genres and mood based outcomes, providing a wide range of music to customers. This allows therapists to account for client preferences, thereby improving the overall spa experience. 
  • Content will be refreshed and updated based on the spa director and therapist’s feedback, ensuring user satisfaction. 


Our music has been created by critically acclaimed wellbeing musicians and tested with spa therapists and directors to ensure our playlists meet and exceed expectations. Myndstream works with a roster of critically acclaimed and award-winning wellbeing musicians such as Liquid Mind, Peter Kater, Bernward Koch and 2002

  • Myndstream’s Spa Music Service hosts music created by these artists, thus ensuring that our music is of industry leading quality.
  • Our spa music service has been tested and developed with over 2,000 survey responses and feedback from the spa community. This helps ensure that the music is highly targeted to fit the needs and intentions of your spa, and specific treatments. 
  • Users will have regular feedback opportunities which will help inform content refreshes and updates.

Bespoke Services

As part of the Cutting Edge Group, we have 20 years of experience creating magical music moments as award-winning supervisors for major media IP. 

  • Myndstream can curate highly bespoke playlists aligned with the brand values and future priorities of your spa business. 
  • We can work with key stakeholders to understand the tone, mood, cultural influence and basic values of your spa, and craft a highly bespoke curated soundtrack that is aligned with these values. 
  • These playlists can be co-branded for delivery across all major streaming platforms and programmed within your Spa environment through Myndstream’s Spa Music Service; seamlessly tying your bespoke brand sound to in-room treatments.

How to use Myndstream Spa Music Service 

Myndstream’s Spa Music Service:

  • Can play multiple different playlists in different treatment rooms.
  • Offer a wide range of playlists specifically curated for the spa environment by our critically acclaimed and industry leading wellbeing music artists. 
  • Any bespoke music assets, created or curated, will be playable through the Spa Music Service. 

As part of the Essential Unlimited subscription, you can take a low touch approach to how you use the Myndstream Spa Music Service.

Myndstream Music Everywhere

  • Enjoying all the cost and quality perks of the Spa Music Service subscription and choosing how involved your therapists are in the music selection process.
  • You can pick whether to play a single playlist throughout your spa or different playlists in different treatment rooms!

Myndstream Spa Music Service Upsell

  • Leverage the quality and range of choice that Myndstream’s Spa Music Service offers by upselling the audio experience to your spa guests. 
  • Guests guide the music selection with therapists who can use our smooth and intuitive player interface to match an appropriate playlist to the client’s preferences.

Bespoke Myndstream Spa Music Service Experiences

  • Myndstream will use its rich experience in intentional audio programming to create or curate a highly bespoke soundtrack that is aligned with your spa’s values. 
  • These playlists can be co-branded for delivery across all major streaming platforms and programmed within your Spa environment through Myndstream’s Spa Music Service.

How will the Myndstream Spa Music Service evolve?

Myndstream will conduct feedback loops with a regular cadence. This grants users the ability to make comments and suggestions, informing content refreshes and updates to the Spa Music Service. 

We want spa therapists and directors to have a direct influence on the content and platform they engage with. We believe this will enhance user experience for therapists on the platform and customer satisfaction for clients listening to our music. 

Specifically, we will look to understand: 

  • The user journey with Myndstream
  • The performance of specific playlists 
  • If there is a genre or musical element missing
  • What music has worked best for specific treatments 
  • How clients have been engaging with the music
  • Pain points
  • General feedback and iterations

We have a Research Based Approach:

Our spa music service has been tested and developed with over 2,000 survey responses and feedback from the spa community to ensure that our playlists meet and exceed expectations:

  • 92% of respondents are very likely or likely to recommend our music to another spa. 
  • 85% of respondents felt that our music matches the environment of their spa. 

Playlists designated with our monogram, describe our music which has been designed through the audience and customer feedback loops. 

We run audio tests with therapists and spa directors, to ensure that the music is created and curated to be as impactful and usable as possible. This process will always be ongoing; we always want to hear from your therapists and those who are in your spas to ensure that we are making audio as valuable as possible.

This continuous feedback loop is available for spa owners to be able to adapt to their customers in real time. This feedback also guided the design of our Spa Music Service interface, creating an intuitive and smooth user experience for therapists; designed through the audience and customer feedback loops. Our pre-cleared, correctly licensed music within the service means therapists can focus on what matters most: your clients. 

Our Premium Services

In addition to the Essential Unlimited subscription, we offer a bespoke solution for luxury spas and salons, all of which is priced upon request. 

Additional services offered by Myndstream include: 

  • Audio audit of your spa business 
  • Full audit of music in your business
  • Assisted onboarding of the Myndstream service
  • Bespoke playlists for your brand 
  • Unique music creation for exploitation across Myndstream channels
  • Sonic branding
  • Priority support and billing options. 

How to Sign Up 

To sign up and purchase the Myndstream Spa Service, you can click here and follow the purchase instructions as shown below. 

Purchase Instructions

  • Select the number of locations/sites you require: for more than 1 location, enter the names & relevant contact email for each
  • Click Continue, review your Basket and proceed to Checkout
  • After ordering, you will receive an email to the address you enter with your username and instructions to create a password
  • Once you have created your account, you will be able to set up additional users or purchase additional locations from your account. For 6 or more locations, please contact