Mike Howe


Mike Howe is a multi-instrumentalist composer and ecologist, living and working in the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park on the south-western tip of Wales. Obviously influenced by nature, his music has been described as “humble, heartfelt and strikingly beautiful…and he has an incredible talent for composing and playing gentle instrumental guitar music that seems to flow almost effortlessly, carrying the listener away on soothing waves of melodic and catchy tunes”. 

Mike has been nominated in the Zone Music Reporter Awards for 3 albums, starting with Best New Artist in 2009 for his debut album Time Stands Still, and Best Acoustic Instrumental Album for his follow up albums Round River (2010) and Island Of Anywhere (2011). Mike’s influences span many genres of music, and the sound he has developed on the acoustic guitar, backed by keyboards, bass and drums, which he also plays, reflect folk traditions and conjure up emotive images of nature and landscapes.

Mike was born in Liverpool, England in 1966, and grew up when the music scene was booming. Growing up with influences like Peter Gabriel, Steve Hackett, and The Police, Mike was inspired to teach himself how to play the guitar. Since then, he’s hardly put the instrument down, and his music still continues to evolve. 

He has gained a reputation for “crafting warm, engaging lead melodies”, but he continues to present them in new and interesting ways. “For all the musicians that have claimed to pull music from nature, Howe puts them all to shame. Proving that his debut was no flash in the pan, this is an NAC guitarist that has chops and soul to spare and seems to be able to pull inspiration from a very deep well. This is a must listen for any serious acoustic guitar fan that wants nothing less than the real deal.” —Chris Spector, MidWestRecord.com.


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