Peter Sterling


A harpist of world-class skill, Peter’s eclectic music continues to touch the lives of thousands around the world. Devoted listeners have consistently reported greater peace, spiritual visions, and even miraculous healings while listening to Peter’s heavenly albums, suggesting the astonishing potential of his musical gifts.

His musical story began during a series of life-altering divine encounters while living outdoors in the peaceful solitude of Sedona, Arizona’s Red Rock canyons. Spending countless hours at its sacred vortex sites practicing yoga and meditation, one day, Peter experienced a genuine spiritual vision of angelic beings in a heavenly choir surrounding him. In this profound vision, Peter saw himself strumming a harp and allowing divine music to flow through him. Although Peter showed considerable musical talent as a child, having played the piano by ear and then dabbling with the flute and guitar over the years, music had not been a prevalent part of his life.

Incredibly, shortly after Sterling recorded his first album, Harp Magic, after a mere ten months with the harp. Harp Magic went on to be nominated for the “Naird Indie Award” for best string album of 1994 — a national honor. And ten years later, Peter’s Harp Dreams went to #1 on the N.A.R. top 100 radio playlist for 8 weeks in 2004 and was nominated for “Album of the Year” by the same organization.

His earlier celestial sounds have evolved into a contemporary instrumental mix of world fusion, with an impressive advancement in his melodies complexity, groove, and inspirational quality, sounding at once seductive, hip and angelic.

Sterling’s music and presence are frequently requested around the world, especially by best-selling authors and teachers Neale Donald Walsch, Doreen Virtue Ph.D., and James Van Praag. Featured on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Sterling’s music offers flavors of jazz, classical, world music, and New Age styles. Sterling tours North America extensively, bringing his healing music to work shops, expos, and also hospitals and nursing homes where he continues to explore the field of sound therapy with the sick and elderly. He is also a metaphysical teacher and an accomplished stained glass artist, as well as a backcountry guide to the sacred sites of Sedona, Arizona.


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