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Our unique music service for spas, studios and hotels

Featuring over 50 different playlists brimming with music from our award-winning musicians, The Stream elevates the audio experience for your guests.

The playlists within our music service are categorised by mood and duration to shape the ambience of each space. While your guests unwind, your mind can rest easy knowing that our music is fully licensed for commercial use.

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You control the audio, and the ambience

We’ve worked alongside our network of spa therapists to curate playlists that match music to mood. Whether your guests are chasing an energising atmosphere for a hot stone massage, or need a reflective moment with their rebalancing facial, The Stream service allows you to meet their preferences.

The offer of personalised audio to accompany a treatment will set your brand apart and open new revenue streams in the busy wellness market.

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Bespoke services will put your audio ahead of the rest

Like the sound of standing out? We can produce custom music for your brand, with the help of our full stack music service and publishing arm.

You can even have custom sonic branding. Our bespoke service creates your audio identity and connects returning guests with your space, building brand recognition.

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