Lake Nona Impact Forum Panel

Myndstream’s Freddie Moross Speaks at The Lake Nona Impact Forum 2023

Since the formation of the Lake Nona Impact Forum in 2012, the event has garnered global praise for offering a stage to the brightest minds in the fields of philosophy, healthcare, academia and wellness, with thought leaders from across the globe invited to share fresh perspectives on the modern world. 

Past events have welcomed intense debates and discussions tabled by internationally recognised minds such as Bill Clinton, Robert Redfield and Dava Newman, with the ideas shared during these talks helping to inspire future innovators and entrepreneurs to make a positive impact in their own communities. 

This year’s event, held between the 8th-10th March, featured captivating forums conducted by an eclectic variety of speakers from former UK Prime Minister David Cameron to Grammy award-winning artist Mary J Blige, with Myndstream’s own Freddie Moross leading a thought-provoking discussion concerning the therapeutic benefits of immersive audio in healthcare and wellness environments. 

The intersection of art and science

As the managing director of Myndstream, Freddie’s passion for providing the public with natural, non-intrusive and science-backed therapeutic music encompassed the core of his discussion, guiding attendees through the intersection between art and science that encapsulates the Myndstream service

By working alongside professional musicians to create bespoke, high-quality and purpose driven audio accompaniments for use in spas, wellness centers and related healthcare environments, innovations can be made in the fields of music therapy, sleep, relaxation and education, with ongoing scientific research helping to improve the efficacy of the platform as the user base continues to grow. 

Digital healthcare innovations

Assisting in conceptualizing these ideas to the audience at Lake Nona, Freddie was accompanied by the chief medical advisor of Babylon Health, Dr Mobasher Butt. Dr Butt is a leading mind in the field of digital healthcare services, with his experience revolutionizing healthcare technology through the use of artificial intelligence, illustrating the importance of digital services to the future of global healthcare. 

Further support was provided by some of Myndstream’s major research partners as the discussion turned towards the future of music therapy and how new technology looks to reshape the outlook of music as medicine. Colin Lawlor, the CEO of frequent Myndstream collaborators SleepScore Labs, joined at this juncture to share his thoughts regarding recent innovations in the science of sleep. 

The research conducted by the team at SleepScore Labs has been instrumental in the development of the Myndstream service, offering informed data intelligence insights gleaned from years of studies into the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing benefits of healthy sleep patterns. SleepScore is also enjoying its 5th consecutive year contributing to the forum, quickly becoming a regular fixture. 

Music therapy and academia

To appropriately display the wealth of academic research that forms the spine of the Myndstream platform, the team were also joined by Professor Lori Fogus Gooding of Florida State University, with her role as the president of the American Music Therapy Association providing valuable insights into the scientific principles of music therapy as well as the mental and physical benefits of such services. 

Professor Gooding’s research into the use of music therapy in psychosocial care has helped the team at Myndstream to fine-tune and vastly improve the service, ensuring that the principles behind each expertly crafted and bespoke audio soundscape remain rooted in provable scientific data.

Final word

By all accounts, the 11th annual Lake Nona Impact Forum was a huge success, with 300 hugely influential and globally recognised thought leaders acting to inspire future generations through captivating conversations regarding health, wellbeing and the limitless potential of human innovation. 

The team at Myndstream hopes to return in the future to share more developments in the field of music therapy as we continue to develop the platform with the aid of ongoing scientific studies. Until then, interested parties can learn more about Myndstream’s music led wellbeing programs by visiting this link.